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You're Ready For a Certified Maintenance Program. Now What?

Posted by Rick Knight on December 6, 2016
Certified Maintenance® Programs (CMP) are put in place before vehicle delivery and work as a retention roadmap to drive customers back to the issuing dealership for routine maintenance visits. Since ...

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Why Implementing a Complimentary Maintenance Program Is Not a DIY Project

Posted by Rick Knight on July 27, 2016
More Than Just Oil Changes Cleaning gutters. Painting fences. Sometimes, it pays to do it yourself. But when it comes to an auto dealership implementing a complimentary maintenance program, DIY may ...

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How does Performance Administration Corp. Administrate Complimentary Maintenance for Franchise Auto Dealers?

Posted by Rick Knight on July 5, 2016
We Provide The Heavy Lifting At Performance Administration Corp., we provide Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Programs and offer personalized maintenance program administration for ...

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Performance Administration Corp. Celebrates 20 Years

Posted by Rick Knight on May 27, 2016
Making a Difference and Changing for Better Here at Performance Administration Corp. we use a unique process of Plan, Connect, Grow™ to help our dealership clients create a planned program that ...

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