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Automotive Customer Retention — Are Your Customers Coming Back?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 7, 2019
Any franchise auto dealer worth their salt can quickly and easily tell you how many cars they’ve sold. We’ve all got that info readily available. But do you know how many of those customers were ...

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Nurturing Customer Relationships with Email Correspondence

Posted by Rick Knight on May 24, 2019
We recently discussed the importance of replacing direct mail with an email welcome kit. Once you’ve welcomed your new customers with an engaging, interactive, and powerful message, the next step is ...

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Utilizing Auto Dealership Digital Signage to Promote Your Service Department

Posted by Rick Knight on April 19, 2019
By now, your dealership has probably gone away from giant inflatables and wacky waving inflatable tube men, and moved onto more sophisticated digital marketing strategies. But while you’re building ...

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How to Deal With Fake Auto Dealer Reviews

Posted by Rick Knight on March 22, 2019
Negative reviews can make or break an auto dealership. Although several other factors affect the reputation of a car dealership, customer reviews carry maximum weight. Almost all car buyers start ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Marketing, Relationship Building, Customer Reviews, Rewards Programs

Getting Personal With Your Automotive Customer Retention Strategy

Posted by Rick Knight on November 20, 2018
It’s a statistic that gets repeated frequently because it’s important and it’s true: it can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to simply retain a current one. If this is the ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy

Managing Your Customer Base and Minimizing Customer Churn

Posted by Rick Knight on August 27, 2018
The words “customer churn” are enough to make even the most successful business owner’s stomach churn. Why? Lost customers translate into higher costs spent on marketing and reaching out to get new ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention

Going Above the Call of Duty: Unique Services to Add to a Customer Retention Plan

Posted by Rick Knight on August 15, 2018
The automotive world is an ever-changing landscape, with digital disruptors such as Carvana changing the game, as well as auto manufacturers announcing cuts to the complimentary maintenance coverage ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy

Selling Maintenance Contracts in the Service Drive: Do You Have a Process in Place?

Posted by Rick Knight on August 8, 2018
We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: certified maintenance is an essential tool to help increase customer retention. When you retain customers instead of engaging in a constant race to find ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Complimentary Maintenance

Continental-National: Using Certified Maintenance to Help Dealerships Build Value, Customer Retention, and Blue Sky

Posted by Rick Knight on July 25, 2018
For the past 25 years, Mark Krejci has been president of Continental-National, an F&I development company that creates and manages dealer reinsurance and other asset-building programs for automobile ...

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