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Creating a Better Auto Dealer Review Process

Posted by Rick Knight on September 18, 2018
Like it or not, the digital world has finally merged into nearly every aspect of our lives. If you own or manage an auto dealership, you’ve had to evolve and change the way you do business to ...

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How Garrett Motors Turned Lost Customers Into a New Opportunity

Posted by Rick Knight on December 11, 2017
Garrett Motors has been a family-owned fixture in Coolidge, Arizona for over 80 years. Jim Garrett’s grandfather started the dealership back in the 1930s and today, you’ll find Jim, his wife, and his ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Complimentary Maintenance, Customer Reviews

Car Dealer Reviews: Why Auto Dealers Should Embrace Online Reviews

Posted by Rick Knight on December 20, 2016
As you already know, today's car buyer is more informed than ever, utilizing the internet, social media, and apps to research and, ultimately, make decisions on vehicle purchases. And a big part of ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Customer Reviews, Marketing, Social Media, Relationship Building

How to Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Auto Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on December 13, 2016
We know, you've heard it before. You've GOT to be on social media. And it's true — social media has changed everything, from the way people research and buy cars to how they view dealership and brand ...

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Getting Results: 5 Strategies for Improving Dealership Profitability

Posted by Rick Knight on March 8, 2016
To an outsider, it probably seems incredibly lucrative. Keys exchange hands and high-priced vehicles get driven off dealership lots on a daily basis. But anyone truly familiar with the retail ...

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