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How to Use Our Built-In CRM to Boost Your Dealership Marketing Efforts

Posted by Rick Knight on November 6, 2018
Congratulations! Your dealership has made a sale to a new customer! With a handshake, papers signed, and introductions made to the service department (as part of your dealership’s customer-centric ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty, Marketing

Improving the Dealership Experience with Comfort and Convenience

Posted by Rick Knight on October 23, 2018
One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is figuring out what customers want. Over the past several years, customers in the automotive world have spoken loud and clear: when it comes to ...

Topics: Customer Centric Process, Dealership Loyalty

New Car Sales May Wane, But Service Department Opportunities Abound

Posted by Rick Knight on February 9, 2018
It looks as though car sales may be in a slump. The Wall Street Journal Market Data Report shows that in January 2018, sales of many types of new car sales were down from one year before. These ...

Topics: Warranties, Vehicle Repurchase, Retention Strategy, Dealership Loyalty, Automotive Marketing, Complimentary Maintenance, Automotive Customer Retention

Investing in Long-Term Growth for an Auto Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on December 15, 2017
Many auto dealerships see their mission through one lens: find a strategy that piques the interest of new customers in order to bring them through the front doors. This strategy could be paying for ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy, Dealership Loyalty, Relationship Building

Will Digital Disruptors Doom Auto Dealerships? (Spoiler: They Don’t Have To)

Posted by Rick Knight on November 27, 2017
In big cities, public transportation and taxi services have always played a role in getting people where they needed to go. With no room for parking and no need for long commutes, many city-dwellers ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty

Unique Branding to Help You Stand Out in Any Auto Mile

Posted by Rick Knight on June 13, 2017
When it comes to branding and marketing, traditional advertising isn’t just outdated — it’s downright expensive. For every vehicle you sell through traditional advertising methods, you’ll spend ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty, Marketing, Retention Strategy

The Perfect Plan: Customizing and Branding Your Dealer Maintenance Program

Posted by Rick Knight on February 1, 2017
A key part of any dealership customer retention strategy is to keep customers returning to the dealership for routine service visits. We know you don't make money on oil changes, but these consistent ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty, Complimentary Maintenance, Retention Strategy

How to Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Auto Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on December 13, 2016
We know, you've heard it before. You've GOT to be on social media. And it's true — social media has changed everything, from the way people research and buy cars to how they view dealership and brand ...

Topics: Social Media, Automotive Marketing, Marketing, Customer Reviews, Dealership Loyalty

How Car-Buying Apps Are Affecting Customer Buying Behavior at the Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on September 27, 2016
Today's Car Buyer is More Informed Than Ever In a previous post, we talked about the rise of social media and how it affects consumers choices when selecting a dealership for new car purchases or ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Social Media, Dealership Loyalty, Relationship Building