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Is Everyone at Your Dealership on the Same Page?

Posted by Rick Knight on February 8, 2017
It’s easy to think of car sales as a front-end operation. Customers walk though the door and salespeople work hard to convince them to drive away in a brand new car. In fact, auto dealerships spend ...

Topics: Efficiency, Sales Process, Staff Training

Dealership Yearly Recap — Did You Get the Numbers You Expected?

Posted by Rick Knight on January 17, 2017
The end of the year is a time for reflection; not just for individuals, but also for companies that look at their numbers to see if they’re where they should be. For franchised auto dealerships, it’s ...

Topics: Service Revenue, Profitability, Efficiency

Fraud Protection — How a Claims Control System Saves Time and Money

Posted by Rick Knight on November 16, 2016
The Watchdog of the Reserve Pool One of the most important features of a Complimentary Maintenance Program is the claims control system. A claims control system acts as the watchdog of the reserve ...

Topics: Service Management Software, Technology, Efficiency

Service Department Traffic: Are You Busy or Are You Efficient?

Posted by Rick Knight on September 8, 2016
How to Keep Your Service Department Running at Peak Efficiency and Effectiveness You walk through your service department and things are humming. There's activity everywhere and every bay is filled. ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Service Traffic, Efficiency

How Dealer Performance Reports Keep Your Dealership on Track

Posted by Rick Knight on August 9, 2016
Reporting and Retention Tools to Measure Efficiency and Drive Customers Back If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Likewise, if you implement a ...

Topics: Service Management Software, Technology, Efficiency, Vehicle Repurchase, Lost Opportunities

Why Implementing a Complimentary Maintenance Program Is Not a DIY Project

Posted by Rick Knight on July 27, 2016
More Than Just Oil Changes Cleaning gutters. Painting fences. Sometimes, it pays to do it yourself. But when it comes to an auto dealership implementing a complimentary maintenance program, DIY may ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance, Administration, Efficiency, Technology

5 Ways Dealer Management Software Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Posted by Rick Knight on March 15, 2016
Let technology be your guiding light. Your dealership likely boasts a talented sales staff, state-of-the-art showroom, skilled service technicians and elite brands of vehicles. Yet something can ...

Topics: Service Management Software, Technology, Profitability, Efficiency

New Visuals Improve Dealership Performance Reports [Photos]

Posted by Rick Knight on April 6, 2015 Dealership Performance Reports are redesigned with charts and graphs to help you better understand your automotive customer retention metrics. The Executive Report, Vehicle ...

Topics: Service Management Software, Technology, Vehicle Repurchase, Efficiency