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How to Deal With Fake Auto Dealer Reviews

Posted by Rick Knight on March 22, 2019
Negative reviews can make or break an auto dealership. Although several other factors affect the reputation of a car dealership, customer reviews carry maximum weight. Almost all car buyers start ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Marketing, Relationship Building, Customer Reviews, Rewards Programs

The Key to Auto Dealership Retention? Bring Back the Human Touch

Posted by Rick Knight on April 2, 2018
In running a successful auto dealership, customer retention is essential. The search for new customers can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. In fact, it costs as much as SEVEN times more to ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy, Relationship Building

Investing in Long-Term Growth for an Auto Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on December 15, 2017
Many auto dealerships see their mission through one lens: find a strategy that piques the interest of new customers in order to bring them through the front doors. This strategy could be paying for ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy, Dealership Loyalty, Relationship Building

You’ve Established an Online Presence — Now What Do You Do With Those Internet Leads?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 27, 2017
Your dealership has listened to all of the experts and gone digital. You’ve built an attractive website. You’ve created a social media presence. You’ve even got a brand-new blog. Now, customer leads ...

Topics: Sales Process, Marketing, Relationship Building

Blogs for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

Posted by Rick Knight on May 17, 2017
These days, having an online presence is a must for any business, including auto dealerships. Many customers start their car shopping experience online before they ever set foot in a dealership. ...

Topics: Marketing, Relationship Building, Social Media

Dealing With ‘Disruptors’ — How Dealerships Can Offer a Unique Delivery and Purchase Experience

Posted by Rick Knight on February 14, 2017
“Disruptor” car sales companies like Carvana, TrueCar, and Vroom have gained in popularity over the past few years because they allow customers to negotiate the best car price online in order to ...

Topics: Sales Process, Technology, Relationship Building

Car Dealer Reviews: Why Auto Dealers Should Embrace Online Reviews

Posted by Rick Knight on December 20, 2016
As you already know, today's car buyer is more informed than ever, utilizing the internet, social media, and apps to research and, ultimately, make decisions on vehicle purchases. And a big part of ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Marketing, Relationship Building, Customer Reviews, Social Media

How to Show Your Customers the Benefits of Complimentary Maintenance

Posted by Rick Knight on October 18, 2016
Build Lasting Relationships That Keep Customers Coming Back By now you know that Complimentary Maintenance isn't about selling the first car, it's about building long-term relationships via service ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance, CX, Relationship Building

How Car-Buying Apps Are Affecting Customer Buying Behavior at the Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on September 27, 2016
Today's Car Buyer is More Informed Than Ever In a previous post, we talked about the rise of social media and how it affects consumers choices when selecting a dealership for new car purchases or ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Dealership Loyalty, Relationship Building, Social Media