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Does Your Dealership Need a Vehicle Exchange Specialist?

Posted by Rick Knight on December 4, 2018
Does your dealership need a vehicle exchange specialist? Do you even know what a vehicle exchange specialist is and/or does?

Topics: Sales Process

You’ve Established an Online Presence — Now What Do You Do With Those Internet Leads?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 27, 2017
Your dealership has listened to all of the experts and gone digital. You’ve built an attractive website. You’ve created a social media presence. You’ve even got a brand-new blog. Now, customer leads ...

Topics: Sales Process, Marketing, Relationship Building

Make F&I Friendly, Not Frustrating

Posted by Rick Knight on June 7, 2017
If there are two aspects of car purchasing that customers generally dread, the first is stepping onto the car lot and being descended upon by a pushy salesperson who doesn’t listen to what they ...

Topics: CX, Sales Process, F&I

Dealing With ‘Disruptors’ — How Dealerships Can Offer a Unique Delivery and Purchase Experience

Posted by Rick Knight on February 14, 2017
“Disruptor” car sales companies like Carvana, TrueCar, and Vroom have gained in popularity over the past few years because they allow customers to negotiate the best car price online in order to ...

Topics: Sales Process, Technology, Relationship Building

Is Everyone at Your Dealership on the Same Page?

Posted by Rick Knight on February 8, 2017
It’s easy to think of car sales as a front-end operation. Customers walk though the door and salespeople work hard to convince them to drive away in a brand new car. In fact, auto dealerships spend ...

Topics: Efficiency, Sales Process, Staff Training

Sales Staff Training for Auto Dealerships

Posted by Rick Knight on January 10, 2017
At Performance Administration Corp., we're the provider of Certified Maintenance® Complimentary Maintenance Programs, offering personalized maintenance program administration for franchise ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Sales Process, Staff Training

You're Ready For a Certified Maintenance Program. Now What?

Posted by Rick Knight on December 6, 2016
Certified Maintenance® Programs (CMP) are put in place before vehicle delivery and work as a retention roadmap to drive customers back to the issuing dealership for routine maintenance visits. Since ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance, Sales Process, Staff Training, Administration

Getting Results: 5 Strategies for Improving Dealership Profitability

Posted by Rick Knight on March 8, 2016
To an outsider, it probably seems incredibly lucrative. Keys exchange hands and high-priced vehicles get driven off dealership lots on a daily basis. But anyone truly familiar with the retail ...

Topics: Sales Process, F&I, Dealership Loyalty, Profitability, Customer Reviews

Customer Retention Made Easier: How to Create a Service-Driven Experience

Posted by Rick Knight on February 23, 2016
The Role Your Service Department Should Play in the Car-Buying Experience The more things change, the more they stay the same. As the retail automotive industry continues to evolve, sometimes change ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, CX, Retention Strategy, Sales Process, Relationship Building