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Auto Dealership Service Customers — You Brought Them Back, Now What?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 21, 2019
In our last blog, we discussed analyzing your dealership’s current state and how to boost your customer retention. A great way to keep people coming back is with personalized customer service and a ...

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Automotive Customer Retention — Are Your Customers Coming Back?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 7, 2019
Any franchise auto dealer worth their salt can quickly and easily tell you how many cars they’ve sold. We’ve all got that info readily available. But do you know how many of those customers were ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Service Management Software, Complimentary Maintenance, Retention Strategy, Service Revenue, Service Traffic

Utilizing Auto Dealership Digital Signage to Promote Your Service Department

Posted by Rick Knight on April 19, 2019
By now, your dealership has probably gone away from giant inflatables and wacky waving inflatable tube men, and moved onto more sophisticated digital marketing strategies. But while you’re building ...

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The Keys to Training Service Advisors

Posted by Rick Knight on March 8, 2019
An efficient and well-trained service advisor is pivotal to a car dealership’s success. Properly training service advisors is vital — great service advisors can create customers for life, while ...

Topics: Service Revenue, Service Traffic, Staff Training, Service Advisors

Why Dealer Maintenance Beats the Local Mechanic

Posted by Rick Knight on May 9, 2017
Once a customer drives away in their brand new vehicle, how can a dealership bring them back before it’s time for a new one? Maintenance, of course! But what’s the best way to convince customers that ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance, Service Traffic

Seasonal Auto Checkups are a Thing of the Past

Posted by Rick Knight on April 25, 2017
For years, responsible automobile owners had a maintenance routine that mostly revolved around the expectations of extreme weather. In the late fall or early winter, they’d take their vehicles in for ...

Topics: Service Traffic

The Advantages of a Certified Auto Technician

Posted by Rick Knight on April 11, 2017
As a "car guy," a service technician, a dealer principal, YOU already understand the importance of ASE Certifications, Master Technicians and Manufacturer-Trained service employees — but do your ...

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Engage Customers During Service to Fuel Service Department Traffic

Posted by Rick Knight on March 7, 2017
If the only interaction your service staff has with customers while they’re in for repairs or maintenance is, “It’ll be about an hour. Our lounge is right over there!” and “Alright, sir! Your car is ...

Topics: Retention Strategy, Service Traffic

How the Increase in Service Competition from Mass Merchandisers Affects Service Loyalty at the Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on September 13, 2016
You CAN Compete with Mass Merchandisers Quick, jiffy, 10-minute, rapid — these are common buzzwords in the US automotive oil change and lubrication industry, which was designed to give customers a ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Dealership Loyalty, Service Traffic