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A Maintenance Plan That Doubles As A Retention Plan

Build a automotive customer retention strategy to fit the needs of your dealership.

Discounted Maintenance Plans

Discounted Maintenance is funded partially by the customer and partially by the dealership. Co-op Maintenance is partially funded by the dealership and partially funded by the manufacturer. 

Contact a Customer Retention Specialist to determine the best strategy for your dealership.

Manufacturer Wrap Plans

Manufacturer Wrap Plans

A Wrap Plan is a Dealer Owned Maintenance Plan that is paired with a Manufacturer Maintenance Plan to create service retention at the issuing dealership group. Without a Wrap Plan, customers who receive Manufacturer Maintenance upon delivery are able to return to any franchise dealership for service. 

However, by adding the Dealer Owned Maintenance Wrap you can encourage customers to return to your dealership service department by promoting: "Service with us for the first two years of manufacturer maintenance and we'll cover year three!"

Sponsor-Level Claims Administration

Sponsor-Level Maintenance Administration is available for Allied Industry Partners as a Private Label Program. These automotive loyalty programs are supported by Performance Administration Corp. and allow our partners the ability to quickly go to market. Industry partners can provide their clients with personalized retention programs — available as Pre-Paid, Discounted and Loyalty offerings.

Turn-Key Solutions

We do the heavy lifting and provide complete turn-key solutions.


We provide confidential and transparent marketing and support.

Online Claims

We provide state-of-the-art claims administration and reporting.

Automotive Customer Loyalty Programs

“Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at our dealership and receive 5% cash back in loyalty reward certificates.”

Retain Customers Longer

Loyalty incentives keep customers engaged after their maintenance plan expires.Customers earn points and redeem rewards via automatic loyalty reminder system.

Auto Renewal

Loyalty programs work as a Green Tree Contract and automatically renew based on customer usage.After 13 months of no activity, customer loyalty rewards will expire. This feature helps to keep customers active at your dealership.

Easily Customizable

Determine your strategy and watch the points add up. You have full control of your dealership loyalty strategy and point value system. Determine values for points for each dollar spent in service, points for vehicle purchase and more.


Customer's Receive Loyalty Reward Alerts

The Online Loyalty Reminder System™ automatically triggers an email with a loyalty rewards certificate to inform customers of points earned and savings available at your dealership.

loyalty rewards alerts

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