Service Management Software | Optimize Dealer Performance

The All-in-One Dealer Performance Platform™ is a one-stop shop to post claims online, remind customers of upcoming service appointments, reach out to defected customers and to track customer retention progress, service history, CP/RO count, service income, vehicle repurchases and more.

What It Includes Software is designed to simplify. Each dashboard is tailored to provide easy access to the tools you need most — like posting claims, uploading contracts, sending service reminders, running reports and more.



Online Claims Administration

Quickly and easily post claims online and track customer service history.

Relationship Management

Software stores customer information, last visit date, phone number and call log so you can follow-up.

Service & Loyalty Reminders

Your dealership stays top-of-mind with routine reminders to invite customers back.

Maintenance Fraud Protection

Maintenance Program software tracks customer coupons so duplicates can't be redeemed.

Lost Opportunity Transformer™

See which customers haven't returned for service and offer them a specialized incentive.

Repurchase Reports

Track vehicle repurchases, customer retention, service growth, service visits, money generated and more.

Online Claims & Fraud Protection

Post Claims in 3 Easy Steps

A Dashboard for Every Department

Maintenance Program Software provides dashboards that are tailored for each department to simplify workflows and standardize dealership retention processes.



The Management Dashboard gives you access to important data, tools and functionality to help you make more informed decisions and better understand the various drivers that affect your performance — and ultimately your bottom line.

  • Inception-To-Date Progress
  • Contract and Retention Growth
  • Live vs. Expired Contracts
  • Service Income and RO Visits
  • Forfeiture and Funding Reserve Ratios



Service Department 

The Service Dashboard goes beyond just posting claims, it’s a one-stop-shop for tracking customers who haven’t returned for service so you can invite them back.

  • Post Claims Online
  • Search Customers by Name, VIN and Email
  • Send Service Reminders
  • Transform Lost Opportunities™



Office Department 

The Office Dashboard allows you to tackle all your tasks online. You can enter contracts manually or choose our DMS integration option and we’ll do the work for you.

  • Enter, Edit and Submit Contracts
  • Get Paid and Make Payments
  • Post Missed Claims
  • Access Reports on-the-fly



Sales Department 

The Sales Dashboard tracks and organizes recent vehicle deliveries along with customer follow-up information so you can connect with customers after delivery and focus on building the relationship.

  • Follow-up with customers and record feedback
  • View Service History
  • Manage Upcoming Service Appointments

The Lost Opportunity Transformer™

Recuperate Lost Opportunity dollars in your service department by targeting customers who haven't returned for service and drive them back with specialized incentives. 

Lost Opportunity reports are generated each month to provide feedback on how much money was saved each month as a result of the Lost Opportunity Transformer™.


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