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How Our Certified Maintenance Program Continues to Grow

Posted by Rick Knight on January 8, 2019
Performance Administration Corp. is the provider of Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Programs, offering personalized maintenance program administration for franchise dealerships, ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance

Improving Your Dealership Appointment Making Skills — 6 Useful Tips

Posted by Rick Knight on December 27, 2018
In the auto dealership space, making appointments consumes a major portion of the week’s responsibilities. However, every effort does not yield the desired results or steady business. You need to ...

Topics: Staff Training

Does Your Dealership Need a Vehicle Exchange Specialist?

Posted by Rick Knight on December 4, 2018
Does your dealership need a vehicle exchange specialist? Do you even know what a vehicle exchange specialist is and/or does?

Topics: Sales Process

Getting Personal With Your Automotive Customer Retention Strategy

Posted by Rick Knight on November 20, 2018
It’s a statistic that gets repeated frequently because it’s important and it’s true: it can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to simply retain a current one. If this is the ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy

How to Use Our Built-In CRM to Boost Your Dealership Marketing Efforts

Posted by Rick Knight on November 6, 2018
Congratulations! Your dealership has made a sale to a new customer! With a handshake, papers signed, and introductions made to the service department (as part of your dealership’s customer-centric ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty, Marketing

Improving the Dealership Experience with Comfort and Convenience

Posted by Rick Knight on October 23, 2018
One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is figuring out what customers want. Over the past several years, customers in the automotive world have spoken loud and clear: when it comes to ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty, Customer Centric Process

Part of the Family: Demonstrating Shared Values at Your Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on October 9, 2018
In this world of digital convenience, it’s easy to forget how important it is to integrate the human touch into every business interaction. This is especially important for car dealerships. One of ...

Topics: Customer Centric Process

Creating a Better Auto Dealer Review Process

Posted by Rick Knight on September 18, 2018
Like it or not, the digital world has finally merged into nearly every aspect of our lives. If you own or manage an auto dealership, you’ve had to evolve and change the way you do business to ...

Topics: Customer Reviews

Do You Have a Consistent Dealership Service Menu Process?

Posted by Rick Knight on September 4, 2018
Think of some of the world’s biggest brands that are known for the best customer service. Apple and Starbucks may immediately jump to mind for some people. Now think of why they’re the best. The ...

Topics: Customer Centric Process