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What Are Facebook Recommendations and Why Do They Matter to Your Dealership?

Posted by Rick Knight on April 5, 2019
Have you heard that Facebook Reviews are now Facebook Recommendations? Were you paying attention to Facebook Reviews in the first place? In any case, you need a streamlined review process. Online ...

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How to Deal With Fake Auto Dealer Reviews

Posted by Rick Knight on March 22, 2019
Negative reviews can make or break an auto dealership. Although several other factors affect the reputation of a car dealership, customer reviews carry maximum weight. Almost all car buyers start ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Marketing, Relationship Building, Customer Reviews, Rewards Programs

The Keys to Training Service Advisors

Posted by Rick Knight on March 8, 2019
An efficient and well-trained service advisor is pivotal to a car dealership’s success. Properly training service advisors is vital — great service advisors can create customers for life, while ...

Topics: Service Revenue, Service Traffic, Staff Training, Service Advisors

Complimentary Maintenance FAQs

Posted by Rick Knight on February 26, 2019
Complimentary maintenance plans are structured to function as automotive consumer retention solutions for franchised auto dealers. 

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Book Review: Take the Stairs

Posted by Rick Knight on February 12, 2019
In this feature, Rick Knight, President and Founder of Performance Administration Corp., will discuss what he's been reading lately, and how it applies to franchise dealerships and the auto industry. ...

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Why Auto Dealership Marketing is a Long-Term Strategy, Not a Quick Fix

Posted by Rick Knight on January 28, 2019
In the past (and to this day, quite frankly), auto dealers have tried everything to drum up business. Catchy jingles, funny commercials, tent sales, giant inflatables, you name it. And while some of ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing

How Our Certified Maintenance Program Continues to Grow

Posted by Rick Knight on January 8, 2019
Performance Administration Corp. is the provider of Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Programs, offering personalized maintenance program administration for franchise dealerships, ...

Topics: Complimentary Maintenance

Improving Your Dealership Appointment Making Skills — 6 Useful Tips

Posted by Rick Knight on December 27, 2018
In the auto dealership space, making appointments consumes a major portion of the week’s responsibilities. However, every effort does not yield the desired results or steady business. You need to ...

Topics: Staff Training

Does Your Dealership Need a Vehicle Exchange Specialist?

Posted by Rick Knight on December 4, 2018
Does your dealership need a vehicle exchange specialist? Do you even know what a vehicle exchange specialist is and/or does?

Topics: Sales Process