DiSC for auto dealerships

What Is DISC? Part II: DISC for Auto Dealerships

In Part I, we discussed DISC assessments and employee behavior. But how can you use DISC for auto dealerships?

When your auto dealership hires a new employee, the decision is made based on their previous work experience and the answers they give during the interview process. How will that employee actually behave when trying to make the sale or when working to solve a problem for a customer, however? When it comes to success in a given job, DISC assessments make it easier to know what to expect before that role is assigned.

Here’s how to take full advantage of DISC for auto dealerships.

DISC for Auto Dealerships

As covered in Part I, DISC assessments come from a theory studied by Dr. William Moulton. He determined that people’s emotions drive them to behave according to four different behavior types: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, or Compliant.

From taking bold risks and propelling teams to having a warm personality and taking care of all the small details, DISC assessments help management determine what motivates an individual, what they wish to avoid, and where they excel. This is helpful for putting them in a role where they can work towards individual success, success for the company, and a positive experience for each customer who calls or comes through the doors.

Using DISC Assessments for Hiring

Upon browsing through the various DISC assessments, most people assume that D-styles work best in sales roles while C-styles are best suited to work quietly away behind a desk in the finance department. While this may hold true for certain individuals, it’s a mistake to think that blanket rules hold true for DISC assessments. This is because utilizing the DISC assessment process means taking entire teams into consideration in addition to analyzing individuals. While a D-style personality may be dynamic and enjoy taking the lead with customers, some customers may not react well to this type of personality and may feel more comfortable with a more reserved C-style who really knows their products. A successful sales organization can be customized to include team members with a range of DISC styles. It’s also helpful to include knowledge of DISC styles in sales staff training, as well as training for service advisors so members can use these tools to improve their interactions with customers.

The DISC Approach for Managing and Maintaining Your Team

The usefulness of the DISC approach doesn’t end with hiring employees or helping them work with customers, however. DISC assessments are also an excellent tool for managers to utilize to motivate employees, enable better communication, and deal with conflict between teams.

Just like understanding DISC assessments can be helpful in making a sale to a customer, the assessments are also useful for management to motivate their teams. One sales member may be laser-focused on the financial incentives of meeting their monthly quota, for example, while another may be looking for positive feedback from management or a feeling of being part of an overall team. Knowledge of DISC styles can also be helpful in navigating personality/behavioral styles and establishing clear, conflict-free communication between departments within the dealership.

How We Can Help with DISC Assessments

Performance Administration Corp. understands how essential it is to build a strong team with shared values and common goals. That’s why we’ve become Certified in DISC through TTI Success Insights to provide DISC assessments and analysis. Together, PAC and TTI work with auto dealerships to utilize DISC personality assessments to attain success through their people. In addition to our complimentary maintenance plans, service management software, automotive marketing, and more, we understand the tools required to help auto dealerships boost customer retention and sales and achieve long-term growth.