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Managing Customer Data? Here’s How Your Dealership Can Take Advantage of It

Posted by Rick Knight on December 22, 2017
In the past, auto dealerships were primarily focused on spending time and money to reach out to new customers. Special sales, TV commercials, radio advertising, and snazzy magazine ads dominated the ...

Investing in Long-Term Growth for an Auto Dealership

Posted by Rick Knight on December 15, 2017
Many auto dealerships see their mission through one lens: find a strategy that piques the interest of new customers in order to bring them through the front doors. This strategy could be paying for ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Retention Strategy, Dealership Loyalty, Relationship Building

How Garrett Motors Turned Lost Customers Into a New Opportunity

Posted by Rick Knight on December 11, 2017
Garrett Motors has been a family-owned fixture in Coolidge, Arizona for over 80 years. Jim Garrett’s grandfather started the dealership back in the 1930s and today, you’ll find Jim, his wife, and his ...

Topics: Automotive Customer Retention, Complimentary Maintenance, Customer Reviews

Will Digital Disruptors Doom Auto Dealerships? (Spoiler: They Don’t Have To)

Posted by Rick Knight on November 27, 2017
In big cities, public transportation and taxi services have always played a role in getting people where they needed to go. With no room for parking and no need for long commutes, many city-dwellers ...

Topics: Dealership Loyalty

The Link Between Customer Retention and Business Valuation

Posted by Rick Knight on November 15, 2017
No matter what kind of business you’re running, the day-to-day focus is pretty similar from one company to the next. On one hand, you’ve got to market and reach out to customers to bring them through ...

Topics: Retention Strategy

Marketing an Auto Dealership: Sell Your Dealership AND the Vehicle

Posted by Rick Knight on November 7, 2017
When you sell a car, you’re selling more than a vehicle. In fact, an old adage in the car business goes, “When selling a car, you sell three things: yourself, the vehicle, and your dealership.”

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Marketing

Comparing ROI of 2 Auto Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

Posted by Rick Knight on July 10, 2017
If you only had $1,000 to spend on your dealership business to promote increased sales and service traffic — how would you choose to spend it?  Which automotive marketing strategy do you think would ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Automotive Customer Retention, Complimentary Maintenance

You’ve Established an Online Presence — Now What Do You Do With Those Internet Leads?

Posted by Rick Knight on June 27, 2017
Your dealership has listened to all of the experts and gone digital. You’ve built an attractive website. You’ve created a social media presence. You’ve even got a brand-new blog. Now, customer leads ...

Topics: Sales Process, Marketing, Relationship Building

Instagram for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

Posted by Rick Knight on June 20, 2017
By now, it's no secret — social media is essential to your dealership's branding efforts. For those who are new to social media altogether, we’ve worked to explain how to utilize social media to ...

Topics: Automotive Marketing, Social Media