COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update: A Letter to Our Clients During These Difficult Times

Dear Performance Administration Corp. Clients,

As the coronavirus sweeps the globe, people are facing unprecedented amounts of stress and uncertainty, and everyone is looking for a COVID-19 update.

On a personal level, people are struggling with huge changes in their way of living in order to protect themselves and their loved ones, while others may have had a friend or family member who has been affected by the virus … or have been affected by it themselves.

The pandemic is also having an impact on business owners and their employees as many places – including auto dealerships — see fewer people coming through their doors. This is leading many businesses to quickly shift into new methods of communicating and operating in order to ensure the welfare of their employees and customers, most importantly, as well as the well-being of the business itself.

Our COVID-19 Update Starts With People First

For years, our company has operated on and has encouraged its dealerships to utilize a customer-centric approach. While we are intensely focused on the good of all of our auto dealerships’ customers, we would also like to ensure that all members of our community are safe — from our own team members to each and every employee at our partner dealerships.

As we navigate through these uncharted waters, Performance Administration Corp. is taking a “People First” approach in order to support everyone in our network. In an effort to keep our team members and communities safe, we transitioned our team to a temporary work-from-home status on March 12th. The transition has been a smooth one and there have been no interruptions reported by any of our clients or partners.

We are also working with our clients on strategies to help protect their staff, as well as their customers. As auto sales and service are an essential service even in times of crisis, we’re dedicated to helping dealerships continue to assist their customers while keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Just as with the customer-centric approach, it is our sincere wish that our collective of dealerships and employees will embrace the “People First” philosophy as we all work together during this pandemic.

Performance Administration Corp. Is Here for You

While we all move through these challenging times together, Performance Administration Corp. would like to assure all of its clients that we are here for you and ready to support your dealership and its customers in any way we can.

As a company with its finger on the pulse of the auto dealership industry, we’re receiving constant feedback from our clients based on their experiences and what they’re hearing from customers. As such, we are working with our clients on updating sales and service strategies, as well as messaging around those strategies as the situation continues to evolve.

In an effort to assist our dealerships with crafting new strategies to assist customers and stay at the top of their minds during this time, we will be crafting a series of informative blog posts centered on what we’ve learned from past crises, as well as newly-emerging facts we’re learning from this one … and how these can be applied to your current business strategy. Our first post will look at lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis and how they can be carried forward and turned into actionable customer retention strategies now.

As always, Performance Administration Corp. is here to listen, to advise, and to serve you in every way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions, or feedback on this COVID-19 update or anything else. We’re grateful for each of our clients and want to ensure you that you have our continued support.