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What Is a Google My Business Profile and Why Do You Need One?

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Automotive Customer Retention — Are Your Customers Coming Back?

Nurturing Customer Relationships with Email Correspondence

Is it Time to Replace Direct Mail with an Email Welcome Kit?

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Creating a Better Auto Dealer Review Process

Do You Have a Consistent Dealership Service Menu Process?

Managing Your Customer Base and Minimizing Customer Churn

Going Above the Call of Duty: Unique Services to Add to a Customer Retention Plan

Selling Maintenance Contracts in the Service Drive: Do You Have a Process in Place?

Manufacturer Maintenance Coverage Will Be Reduced in 2019 — Here's How Auto Dealers Can Take Advantage

Continental-National: Using Certified Maintenance to Help Dealerships Build Value, Customer Retention, and Blue Sky

The Customer Centric Process Part 3: Bridging the Gap and Building Relationships

The Customer Centric Process Part 2: Building Value in Sales ... And Throughout Your Organization

The Customer Centric Process: Delighting Customers (and Retaining Them)

The Keys to Bringing Online and Offline Car Shopping Together

Are Kia and Hyundai Warranties Enough?

Ensuring That Your Auto Service Appointments Get Booked and Stay Booked

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Investing in Long-Term Growth for an Auto Dealership

How Garrett Motors Turned Lost Customers Into a New Opportunity

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The Link Between Customer Retention and Business Valuation

Marketing an Auto Dealership: Sell Your Dealership AND the Vehicle

Comparing ROI of 2 Auto Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

You’ve Established an Online Presence — Now What Do You Do With Those Internet Leads?

Instagram for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

Unique Branding to Help You Stand Out in Any Auto Mile

Make F&I Friendly, Not Frustrating

Blogs for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

Why Dealer Maintenance Beats the Local Mechanic

Preventative Maintenance: Why Is It So Important for Your Car?

Seasonal Auto Checkups are a Thing of the Past

Automotive Customer Retention Strategy (Infographic)

Educating Your Customers About Manufacturer Warranties

The Advantages of a Certified Auto Technician

Automotive Customer Retention Versus Conquest

5 Ways to Supercharge Sales Using Your Online Presence

5 Best Photo Apps for Auto Dealers

Engage Customers During Service to Fuel Service Department Traffic

Facebook Pages for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

Dealing With ‘Disruptors’ — How Dealerships Can Offer a Unique Delivery and Purchase Experience

Is Everyone at Your Dealership on the Same Page?

The Perfect Plan: Customizing and Branding Your Dealer Maintenance Program

Dealership Yearly Recap — Did You Get the Numbers You Expected?

Sales Staff Training for Auto Dealerships

Car Dealer Reviews: Why Auto Dealers Should Embrace Online Reviews

How to Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Auto Dealership

You're Ready For a Certified Maintenance Program. Now What?

Fraud Protection — How a Claims Control System Saves Time and Money

Book Review: The Human Brand

How to Show Your Customers the Benefits of Complimentary Maintenance

Changing Customer Buyer Behavior and Why Customer Retention is More Important Than Ever

How Car-Buying Apps Are Affecting Customer Buying Behavior at the Dealership

The Impact of Social Media on Vehicle (and Dealership) Brand Loyalty

How the Increase in Service Competition from Mass Merchandisers Affects Service Loyalty at the Dealership

Service Department Traffic: Are You Busy or Are You Efficient?

How Does Complimentary Maintenance Lead to Additional Service Work?

What Makes a Great Complimentary Maintenance Program?

How Dealer Performance Reports Keep Your Dealership on Track

Loyal Customers: Who and Where Are They?

Why Implementing a Complimentary Maintenance Program Is Not a DIY Project

The Case of The Lost Opportunity Transformer™

How does Performance Administration Corp. Administrate Complimentary Maintenance for Franchise Auto Dealers?

How do Auto Dealers Benefit from Prepaid Complimentary Maintenance Programs?

Performance Administration Corp. Celebrates 20 Years

Future Growth and Prosperity Relies on Positive Customer Experiences

Is Your Maintenance Program Working as a Customer Retention Program?

Best Practices: Service Department Pay Plans

How Changing Service Advisor Pay Plans Helps Employees Feel Valued

Get Your Team On Board with a Complimentary Maintenance Program

Service Department Pay Plans: Is It Time for a Change?

Customer Retention: 7 Reasons Dealership Visitors Don't Come Back

How to Build an Automotive Customer Loyalty Program

Bold Predictions About the Future of Automotive Marketing

9 Benefits That Make Complimentary Maintenance a Winning Formula

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FAQ: The Lost Opportunity Transformer™

A Better Dealership Approach: Why Promotional Maintenance Beats Traditional Advertising

How to Arm Your Automotive Sales Staff for Success

Gone But Not Forgotten: 5 Ways to Regain Lost Customers

All in the Family: When Car-Buying Spans Generations

7 Reasons an Auto Dealership Should Own its Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Drawn to the Dealership: Seven Reasons Buyers Return for Maintenance

Customer Retention Technology: Five Tools to Aid Your Cause

How to Convert a Loyal Customer into a Lifetime Customer

The Next Generation: Automotive Marketing Aimed at Millennials

Buyer Motivation: 5 Key Reasons Customers Come Back

Building Customer Retention into Your Daily Sales Habits

Better Dealership Habits: Getting Buy-In On Customer Retention Campaigns

7 Basic Techniques to Increase Customer Loyalty

Automotive Marketing: What's Included in Complimentary Maintenance Plan?

Maintenance Program — Customer Relationship Management

Maintenance Program — Office Dashboard

Maintenance Program — Service Management Software

What's My Current Customer Retention Rate?

Maintenance Program — Dealer Performance Reporting

Maintenance Program — Dealer Management Software

Maintenance Program — Service Management Software Overview

How Does Complimentary Maintenance Lead to Retention?

Dealer Branded Maintenance — How It Works

What Are Manufacturer Wrap Plans?

The Difference Between Manufacturer And Dealer Maintenance

Prepaid Maintenance Programs Replace Role of Warranty

What Can We Learn From The GM Maintenance Program?

Why Include Complimentary Maintenance?

New Visuals Improve Dealership Performance Reports [Photos]

FAQ: Certified Maintenance® Prepaid Maintenance Plans