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Blogs for Dealerships: A How-To Guide

These days, having an online presence is a must for any business, including auto dealerships. Many customers start their car shopping experience online before they ever set foot in a dealership. Because of this, not embracing the online experience — from online review sites to social media and maintaining an attractive and updated website — is a huge mistake.

One potential way to reach out to customers online is by starting a car dealership blog. Although this may seem daunting at first, once you get it rolling, you’ll find that it’s a fun and effective way to communicate with new as well as current customers.


Why Does My Dealership Need a Blog?

In short, your dealership needs a blog because you can communicate so much more information on your blog than you can on the rest of your website. Your blog is a fantastic place to help customers get to know your dealership and the people who work there. It’s a platform that allows you to educate customers about various auto-related issues such as why it’s important to have regular maintenance done on their vehicles. A dealership blog is also free advertising for sales, specials, and exciting events.


Who Reads Blog Posts?

Well, you’re reading one right now! The answer is that everyone reads blog posts. People who do a Google search on a particular topic or question may run across your posts. Visitors to your website may also check out your blog. In short, anyone who is interested in the topics you’ll be covering — subjects relating to new and used cars, as well as auto sales and maintenance in your area – stands a good chance of ending up on your blog. To further target your blog audience, you can share posts on social media.


Writer’s Block: How to Get Started

Once you’re sold on blogging as a way to effectively communicate with your target audience, you’ll be left staring at an empty blog and a blank page, wondering where to start for your first post.

Simply introduce your dealership. That’s it.

Tell your readers who you are as a dealership. What are your company’s values? Do you value customer service? Let them know that. What makes you different than your competitors? What would you like them to know about your dealership? Do you have a really amazing waiting area with a coffee bar and free WiFi? Do you offer a complimentary car wash when customers bring their vehicles in for maintenance? Let your audience know! Welcome them to your blog and welcome them to your dealership.


Topic Ideas

After the first post, you can get more specific with future topics. To come up with topic ideas, think of questions that customers commonly ask (or may have) and work to answer them.

Questions such as “Leasing or Financing? Which Is Better?” or “How Can I Maintain My Manufacturer’s Warranty?” are great ones to answer.

Think of topic ideas that will bring customers through your doors for service, as well as to buy new cars. Tell them about your amazing complimentary maintenance program for new car purchases.

“Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a Dealership” can help your audience understand the benefit of having dealer certified technicians perform work on their vehicles.

Feel free to have a little fun with your posts. Wander around and interview/photograph different members of your staff and create posts that feature them. This will make your audience feel more connected with the dealership staff.

You can also use your blog to tell your audience about specials and promotions you’re running and why they should take advantage of them.

No matter what, be sure that the overall tone and voice of each post is consistent with the culture and views of the dealership itself. It’s helpful to choose one person to manage your blog and social media posts in order to achieve this consistency.

Update your blog frequently and you’ll be surprised at the number of customers you’ll engage!

Download the Blog Ideas Worksheet for creative tips to help your dealership get started blogging now.