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Complimentary Maintenance FAQs

Complimentary maintenance plans are structured to function as automotive consumer retention solutions for franchised auto dealers. 

Individual Prepaid Maintenance Plans are branded and owned by dealers. Therefore, they’re custom-designed to suit the requirements of every franchised auto dealer or a group of dealers. The goal is to push customer retention back to the issuing dealership. Over the years, complimentary maintenance plans and strategies have contributed to the increase in repurchase rates and brand loyalty. Ninety percent of customers purchasing complimentary maintenance plans redeem over 80% of the plan elements.


What complimentary plans can I offer?

12 or 24-month complimentary plans are common. However, personalized dealership wrap programs to the manufacturer and extended terms are also available.

Can I offer a “complimentary only” plan without an up-sale plan?

Yes, we have the provision for a “complimentary only” plan.


Is there a minimum amount of criteria to pack on each car?

No, there’s no minimum dollar amount requirement. You can set the amount of your reimbursement stages.

What about administration fees?

To know more about the administrative fees and get a no-obligation proposal with proper pricing, contact us.

Can I be reimbursed for more than just oil changes and tire rotations?

You can, and the answer depends on your dealership. Many dealerships find it more profitable to offer additional services as an up-sell.

Do I need to include tire rotation?

It’s completely up to your dealership. You can offer tire rotation on every visit or alternate visits. Many dealers prefer to up-sell tire rotation.

Can I provide my customers with F&I commission on all my plans?

Yes, F&I commission is applicable to all upsell plans.

Is it mandatory to call my plan “Certified Maintenance”?

Not at all. You can give your plan any name you like.

Can I customize the marketing items with my artwork?

Yes, the marketing items are dealer-branded and can be customized with your artwork.

Can I modify the content of my Welcome Letter?

Yes, you can completely modify the content of your Welcome Letter.

If I offer a 12-month Complimentary Plan, when will I see underwriting income?

Your first plan would expire after 13-months from the initial kick-off.

How will my underwriting income get paid back to me?

We will issue an automated ACH payment with a comprehensive accounting report to the bank of your preference.

How often will my claims be paid back to me?

Your claims will be paid twice every month via ACH to your checking account, i.e., on the 15th and last day of every month.

What is the minimum contract term?

There is no minimum contract term. You can leave the program as and when you want.

Will I be asked to pay an additional fee if I want to leave the program?

No. You won’t be asked to pay any additional fee for leaving the program.

How will my pending funds be paid once I leave the program?

The claims process will continue as is, and the forfeiture amount will be refunded once the contract expires.