Maintenance Program — Dealer Management Software

Dealer Management Dashboard DealerManagement Software provides high-level performance reporting to inform General Managers of whether their Maintenance Program is working to meet their sales to service retention goals.

Real-time Dealer Performance Reports™provide 24/7access to important data, tools, and functionality to help GMsmake more informed decisions and better understand the various drivers that affect performance and ultimately the dealership’s bottom line.

  • Ensure all business and administrative reports are correctly maintained
  • Ensure consistency with annual projections for short and long-term goals
  • Monitor gross profit and net profit for the dealership
  • Manage contract and retention growth, service income, RO visits, forfeiture and funding reserve ratios


Management Dashboard Tasks & Functionality

checkmarkBlue.png AnalyzeInception To Date Progress of Maintenance Program
checkmarkBlue.png Compare Live vs. Expired Contract Retention
checkmarkBlue.png Access 50+ DealershipPerformance Reports™
checkmarkBlue.png Add/Edit Custom Dealer Coupons for Customer Welcome Kits
checkmarkBlue.png Add/Edit Postcard Promotions to Inform Customers of New Sales Events
checkmarkBlue.png ManageLoyalty Reward Program and Point System