FAQ: Certified Maintenance® Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Certified MaintenancePlans are Prepaid, Complimentary Maintenance Plans designed to work as an automotive customer retention tool for franchised auto dealers.

Each Complimentary Maintenance Strategy is dealer owned and dealer branded, which means it’s fully customized to fit the needs of an individually franchised auto dealer or dealer groups. The goal of Complimentary Maintenance is to drive customer retention back to the issuing dealership. Prepaid Maintenance Plans and maintenance included strategies are shown to fuel repurchase rates and brand loyalty.

Use these quick links to review frequently asked questions about Certified Maintenance® Prepaid Maintenance Plans or contact us directly.

Prepaid Maintenance Plan Customization

Do I have to offer a complimentary plan?

Yes, 12 or 24-month complimentary plans are the most common, but extended terms are available.

Can I offer a Complimentary only program with no upsale plans?

Yes, we allow for a Complimentary plan offer only.

Is there a minimum dollar amount required to pack on each car?

No, it is your option to set the number of your reimbursement levels.

What are the administration fees?

Completing a Free Complimentary MaintenanceQuote will allow us to give you a no-obligation proposal with proper pricing.

Can I be reimbursed for more than just Oil Changes and Tire Rotations?

You can, but many dealerships have found the best success offering the additional services as an up-sale.

Am I required to include a Tire Rotation?

No, this is the dealership’s decision. Tire Rotations can be offered on every visit or every other visit. Some dealers prefer to up-sale the tire rotation in service.

Can I offer F&I commission on each of my plans?

Yes, F&I commission is offered on each upsale plan.

Do I have to call my plan “Certified Maintenance”?

No, you may name the program whatever you wish.

Automotive Marketing Customization

Can I provide artwork for my marketing items?

Yes, marketing materials have customization options and are dealer-branded.

Can I change the content of my Welcome Letter?

Yes, the welcome letter is completely editable.


If I offer a 12-Month Complimentary when do I start to see forfeitures?

Your first plans would begin to expire after 13 months from your initial kick-off.

How do I get my forfeitures paid back to me?

We issue an automated ACH payment with a detailed transparent accounting report to the bank of your choice.

How often do you pay my claims back to me?

We pay claims twice each month on the 15th and the last working day of each month.

Program Closing

Is there a minimum contract term?

Nope. You can leave the program just as quickly as you join.

What additional fees must I pay when leaving the program?

There are no additional fees should you decide to leave the program.

How are my reserves paid back after I leave the program?

Claims are still processed as they occur in the service lane & forfeiture dollars return as contracts expire.

At Performance Administration Corp. we arm your team with a Maintenance Included strategy to bring customers in and bring them back. With our retention management guidance, your dealership can succeed at building customer relationships so that when it comes time for the next purchase —your dealership is already top-of-mind.

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