Get Your Team On Board with a Complimentary Maintenance Program

Tired of hearing your service department gripe over oil changes and one-line repair orders? If you’ve heard these common objections to a customer retention program and you’re struggling to get your sales and service team on board with a Complimentary Maintenance Program, here are a few steps to take to improve employee willingness to handle these vital services.

Start with the Basics

First, schedule a team meeting with the entire service department. Be prepared to start with the basics of the modern service model, explaining the important role oil changes play in driving customers back for more expensive repairs and vehicle repurchase. Explain how the decrease in service visit frequency and warranty opportunity has affected the traditional customer retention model.

Refer to this article for reference: Prepaid Maintenance Programs Replace Role of Warranty

Implement ConsistentProcesses

Second, train your sales and service department staff on customer-centric processes that will promote positive experiences every day. This includes showroom procedures, service introduction, first service appointment scheduling and maintenance program upsales. If you need help with training and educating your service department staff to get on board with a Complimentary Maintenance Program and other service department pay plans, you can schedule a virtual or in-house training session here. We’re always available to help your dealership improve your processes so you can improve your customers’ experience.

Reevaluate Service Department Pay Plans

Third, schedule time in the next thirty days to sit down and reevaluate your service department’s pay plans. Brainstorm incentives and special bonuses that can be incorporated to reward service staff for higher CSI and Net Promoter Scores.

Did you know that legacy pay plan structures use an upsell approach that hinders a Complimentary Maintenance Program? Learn a new approach to service department pay plans that are designed to drive customer-centric behavior at the dealership. This holistic approach starts with pleasing your service staff and ensuring they are well taken care of.