How Dealer Performance Reports Keep Your Dealership on Track

Reporting and RetentionTools to Measure Efficiency and Drive Customers Back

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Likewise, if you implement a Complimentary Maintenance Program but don’t have the proper reporting to show that it’s working, is it really effective?

We’ve said it time and time again — Complimentary Maintenance Programs are guaranteed to create return buyers, increase customer retention and drive dealership profitability.

That’s easy to say. But, with our Dealer Performance Reports, it’s even easier to prove.

At Performance Administration Corp. we don’t just provide Complimentary Maintenance, we provide the reporting tools you need to measure the efficiency of your program and the retention tools you need to drive customers back for service.

We’re not just making something up, we’re using real data that exists on your dealership management system that clearly shows whether or not the processes we put in place are working —and if they’re not working, we’ll figure out why and come up with a new solution.

Our Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Program is far more than “an oil change program.” An oil change program is, “here’s a coupon book for oil changes,” and that’s it. Our program is much more robust than that, because it includes the data mining, the accountability, and the consultancy that helps us get at what’s important to you and your dealership.

So how do we prove it? In total, we offer over 50 reports to keep franchised auto dealers in-the-know.

Below we highlightthe top six reports that provide key metrics to measuring service income, RO visits, vehice repurchases, forfeiture income and more so you can monitor your dealership performance and stay on track with your customer retention goals.