How does Performance Administration Corp. Administrate Complimentary Maintenance for Franchise Auto Dealers?

We Provide The Heavy Lifting

At Performance Administration Corp., we provide Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Programs and offer personalized maintenance program administration for franchise dealerships, dealer groups and service contract companies within the United States and Canada.

We focus on providing your dealership with the tools, processes and reporting features you need to bring new and existing customers back to your dealership for service. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best —selling more cars.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we build custom solutions that are affordable for your dealership and attractive to your customers. We begin the process by learning about your dealership and understanding your needs. We listen to you, assess your current situation and build a custom solution to fit your retention goals while staying within your budget. Then we guide you through the process and conduct training so you can provide the best possible purchase and service experiences.

Here’s how.

Plan, Connect, Grow

Through our unique process of Plan, Connect, Grow, we lead customers from your sales lot to your service lane to improve your bottom line, RO count and repurchase intentions.

Plan: Design a plan to attract customers now and bring them back later.
Connect: Stay connected with customers even after they drive off your lot.
Grow: Improve your service retention and RO visits in the first 12 months.

We always start with a consultative approach. At the end of the day, we’re a third-party administrator, as well as a money manager for the reserve pool, but we believe in figuring out a strategy based on your goals. It’s not just a product. We don’t just pull it off the shelf and slap it in place and hope for the best.

With 3,000 dealerships in our system, we’ve found that there’s no one-size-fits-all auto dealer. Everybody’s got different challenges. We like to sit down with our clients and do some data mining to determine what do they have today? What have they tried in the past? Did it work or not? Then, we get feedback from the sales department and the service department so that we can properly advise them on what we feel is the best way to go and provide choices, because every one of our plans is different.

Hassle-Free Claims Administration

We don’t ask any of our dealerships to do any of the heavy lifting. We’ll do all the data mining, have them sign off that it’s accurate, and then make sure that we manage that from a baseline. Whenever we go into a new dealership, we find the baselines of retention at the kickoff. Then, we measure as we move forward to see if we’re exceeding that baseline and to what degree, because at the end of the day, we’re accountable to the auto dealership or the auto group for the results.

Many people in the industry have a phone-in claims authorization process, and some still have a paper coupon process. We want to make it easy. Our claims system will run on a tablet, smartphone, or any other internet-based device. Each user at the dealership will have their own account, and we can track all activity; all your users have to do is log in.

They can search for customers in a multitude of ways —the last eight characters of the VIN, first name, last name, email address, or even customer number —and when they pull them up, they’ll quickly see what’s available and what has been paid. When they move their mouse over the paid items, it will show when they were paid and who posted the claim. You can also see who worked on the car last, the miles on the car today, and any pending claims. And, those pending claims are paid back to the dealership twice every month, on the 15th and on the last day of the month. We don’t have any ROs hanging open more than 15 days. Everything’s paid in real-time.

What Sets Us Apart

Our differentiator is the fact that this is all we do. Most of the other companies in the third-party administrator world administer a multitude of programs —service contracts, gap, credit insurance, and a multitude of other items. We’ve been asked to administer some of those programs in the past, but we continue to stay focused on our core product and our core value, which is the customer retention aspect of a complimentary maintenance strategy.

Having a focus on that allows us to have more depth. We don’t try to pigeon-hole you into a plan. We custom-build your plan. Everything looks like it comes from your dealership. We use your logos. We keep track of your people. We keep track of all of your users and then provide a lot of data points around that. We don’t have the distractions of trying to manage 10 or 15 different programs or products. We have one product.

We’re passionate about customer retention, and we love what we do. We love to talk to our dealers because they’re always telling us what a great job we’ve done. That just feeds our passion to grow and to expand and think differently about the problems and the issues as they’ve changed over the last 20 years.

Our uniquecustomer retention strategy has been successful in improving net profitability for thousands of dealerships. If you’re asking yourself “How do you make money by giving something away?” then you won’t want to miss our20-minute “Big Idea” webinarthat showshow our dealersmake money with a Complimentary Maintenance Program. Registertoday to save your seat!