Performance Administration Corp. Celebrates 20 Years

Making a Difference and Changing for Better

Here at Performance Administration Corp. weuse a unique process of Plan, Connect, Grow™ to help our dealership clients create a planned program that allows them to connect with all the consumers that purchased cars from them and then we monitor and measure how they grow their business. It’s not prepaid maintenance, it’s Complimentary Maintenance.

Recently, we were asked the question, “What does Performance Administration Corp. bring to the table?” To put it simply, we provide measurable automotive customer retentionresults for Franchised Auto Dealers.

For example, we measure, through DMS integration, how ourdealerships aregrowing as a result of our Certified Maintenance® programs, products and processesandensure their maintenance programs areworking as a customer retention program.

We use auniqueCurrent State Retention Assessmentto measurethe number of vehicles sold, the number of customers returning and not returning for service, and which customers are repurchasing their second, third and consecutive vehicles from the issuing dealership. By putting metrics around these items we’re able to provide real-time reporting to dealers to show the profitability and retention growth due to their Complimentary Maintenance Program. As a result, we’ve been successful in proving to dealers that oil changesbridge the gapbetween the sales and service cycleand Complimentary Maintenance is a sound automotive customer retention strategy.

When I started Performance Administration Corp. in 1996, most dealer groups thought I was crazy because times were good in the mid-90s; dealerships had plenty of warranty work and shops were consistently busy because cars weren’t built as well as they are today. After another decade of competing with Asian cars and Korean manufactured vehicles, those same dealers find that there’s less warranty work, and therefore maintenance work on the car is more important than ever.

On April 17, 2016 we celebrated our 20-year anniversary and I’ve seen the industry come full circle. In 2009, when we were in the middle of the recession, Toyota used our concept of the every-car maintenance included strategy. At the time, it was validating to us, but we were concerned as a company not knowing if it may erode our market. But, in fact, it had a reverse effect and we grew exponentially because a manufacturer validated what we’ve been doing for twenty years. This just goes to show the importance of the service cycle and its ability to replace the loss of warranty work. Since cars are now built better, routine maintenance visits provide an opportunity to increase service interaction so relationships can continue to be built at franchised auto dealerships.

Learn more about Performance Administration Corp. and how our Complimentary Maintenance Programs make money forFranchised Auto Dealersnationwide.Register for an upcoming webinar to learn three wayswe’ve helped thousands of dealers create recurring revenue to fund the future.