Certified Maintenance Technicians

The Advantages of a Certified Auto Technician

As a “car guy,” a service technician, a dealer principal, YOUalready understand the importance of ASE Certifications, Master Technicians and Manufacturer-Trained service employees — but do your customers?

Educating people about these certifications is key to helping them understand the advantages of using a Certified Auto Technician. When they understand the difference and value provided, it willhelp them feel good about choosing your dealership for repairs and further enhance the customer experience.

Some dealerships have gone to the extent ofincluding aWall of Fame in their service department with photos of each technician and information about their level of certification and how many years they’ve spent working on that manufacturer’s line of vehicles. These are great displays to have, but that doesn’t mean your customers understand the importance of these words and phrases.

That’s why we’ve created the“Why Service Here?” customizable Word document to help you inform customers of the benefits of choosing your dealership or service center instead of local mechanics and mass merchandisers.

With the proper education about what your dealership or service center has to offer (complimentary maintenance, a focus on customer service, and highly-trained and certified service technicians), your customers won’t want to go anywhere else!

Here’s that link again: Download this form and personalize it to fit your service offerings, then include it within your welcome packets when customers purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. Let them know before they drive off your lot why it’s beneficial to return to you for service.

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