Automotive Marketing: What’s Included in Complimentary Maintenance Plan?

Each Certified Maintenance® Complimentary Maintenance Plan comes equipped with hassle-free marketing materials that are branded with the dealership logo and identity. Personalized Welcome Kits, Point-of-Sale Laminates, F&I Upgrade Laminates and Service Reminders are included with each plan to keep your customers informed and your dealership top-of-mind. You customize, we print and ship — that’s our Hassle-Free Guarantee.

Other tools such as The Lost Opportunity Transformer™ and Dealer Performance Reports™ are used to target customers who don’t return and measure maintenance program performance to ensure it’s on track with original retention goals.

What’s included with each Certified Maintenance® Complimentary Maintenance Plan?

Personalized Customer Welcome Kits

Personalized Welcome Kits are printed on-demand and mailed to customers within 48 hours of your approval. Welcome Kits are available in two layout options with dealership branding and are sent to customers as if they were mailed directly from your dealership.

Both layouts include:

  • Custom Welcome Letter
  • Maintenance Program Outline
  • Laminated IDWallet Card

Certified Maintenance Dealer-Branded Customer Welcome Kits

Premium Welcome Kit with ID Card

The Premium Welcome Kitincludes an 8.5 x 11″ Welcome Letter and Program Guide booklet with a laminated punch-out Identification Card. Program Guide includes space for up to two (5 x 2″) coupons.

Certified Maintenance® All-in-One Welcome Kit

All-in-One Welcome Kit with ID Card

The All-In-One Tri-Fold Welcome Kitincludes a Welcome Letter, Program Guide and laminated punch-out Identification Card. If you are looking for convenience and savings, this is the option for you. The layout does not include space for additional coupons.

Complimentary Maintenance Plan Automotive Marketing

Point-of-Sale Laminates

Point-of-Sale Laminates and F&I Upgrade Laminates are included with each vehicle maintenance plan to inform customers at the delivery of the Maintenance Included benefits available with their purchase. Sales materials are branded with your logo and dealership identity and highlight your maintenance benefits and unique offerings to show customers what sets you apart from the competition.

Certified Maintenance® Point of Sale Laminate

“Why Buy Here” SalesLaminate

Sales Laminates build transactional value and help you seal the deal at delivery by highlighting maintenances included with the vehicle. Laminates are customized to highlight the benefits of purchasing and servicing with your dealership and inform customers of Welcome Kits that will be sent after delivery.

Certified Maintenance® Complimentary Maintenance F&I Upsale Laminate

F&I Upgrade Laminate

The F&I Upgrade Laminate is similar to the Sales Laminate but is used after delivery to give customers an option to upgrade their plan to an extended-term at substantial savings. The right column provides an overview of pricing differences, whereas the back-side shows a complete breakdown of savings.

Service Reminders Based on Driving Habits

Maintenance Program Service Reminder System

Email•Text•Phone •Postcard

Customers receive personalized service reminders based on their driving habits and before scheduled appointments. Reminders are available in the form of a postcard, email, phone call or text message. Service Reminder preferences can be updated on Service Management Software and personalized messaging can be added to inform customers of promotions and special events.

Lost Opportunity Transformer™

Lost Opportunity Transformer™

The Lost Opportunity Transformer™ captures customers who are overdue for service and sorts them by “Days Past Appointment” so you can send targeted messages to invite them back and recuperate lost opportunity dollars. This tool is unique to Performance Administration Corp., as no other Complimentary Maintenance Program provides a solution to reaching out to defected customers to drive them back for service.

Dealer Performance Reports™

Dealer Performance Reports™ on is the only Maintenance Program Software to provide Dealer Performance Reports™ such as Vehicle Repurchase Reports™ and Current State Retention Assessment™ studies to show how far franchised auto dealerships have come as a result of Complimentary Maintenance. We provide real-time progress reports so you can stay inline with your short and long-term goals.

Watch the Road to Retention Video to reveal all the marketing materials included in a Certified Maintenance® Program and how they work together as a customer retention strategy.