Maintenance Program — Dealer Performance Reporting

What good is a Complimentary Maintenance Retention Strategy if you don’t know if it’s working to produce more repeat buyers? Dealer Performance Reports™ is the only Maintenance Program software to provide Vehicle Repurchase Reports™ and Current State Retention Assessment™ studies to show how far franchised auto dealerships have come as a result of Complimentary Maintenance.
Service Management Software

Home to 50+ Dealer Performance Reports™

Here at Performance Administration Corp., we don’t just provide Complimentary Maintenance — we provide the reporting tools you need to measure the efficiency of your program and retention tools to drive customers back for service. Below are top-rated reports that are popular among our dealership clients who access Dealer Performance Reports™ each month to make more informed business decisions at their dealership.

In total, we offer more than 50+ reports to keep franchised auto dealers in-the-know so they can reduce their advertising spend, increase the serivce RO count and drive repurchases back to their dealership. Dealer Performance Reports™ shift the focus from trying to attract new customers to focus on producing more return customers and repeat buyers.