Certified Maintenance Program

You’re Ready For a Certified Maintenance Program. Now What?

Certified Maintenance® Programs (CMP) are put in place before vehicle delivery andwork as a retention roadmap to drive customers back to the issuing dealership for routine maintenance visits.Since each CMPis equipped with personalized marketing materials, customer retention technology anddealer performance reporting, it’s easy forfranchised dealerships to stay connected to customers and tomeasure rentention performance.

Within the first 12 months of ownership, Certified Maintenance® dealerships see an increase in consistent service traffic and report double or triple CP/RO countsandhigher service income. And that’s only the beginning of long-term results.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do.

Step One: Get Educated

Besides our website and this blog, we’ve got two great resources to help you get started on The Road to Retention™. The first is a two-minute video that shares the key solutions for bridging the gap between sales and service to drive your customers back for service. The second is an exclusive webinar that unveils the underlying customer retention strategy of a Dealer-Owned Maintenance Program.

Once you’ve viewed those, we’ll set up a conference call with your dealership’s owner or general manager and your service department, where we’ll complete a quote worksheet and determine how much we’re going to reimburse and what benefits are going to be included. It’s a very simple meeting to determine what’s your oil change reimbursement price, how many services per year you want to include, and what terms you want to include. At that same time, we’ll request that you email us a digital logo, and within 48 hours, we’ll deliver a completed proposal with sample marketing materials to show you exactly what your plan would look like.

Step Two: The Strategy Session

After the proposal, we’ll start to map out the strategy, and show you exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. This is our commitment to you, complete transparency and full support. We’ll get you all set up and ready for kick-off. From there, we’ll hold a meeting with your sales staff and make sure that they all have the correct marketing materials and that they’re all trained to discuss the complimentary maintenance package and all the benefits it offers.

Step Three: Ongoing Service

About 30 to 45 days after the kick-off and training session, we come back through and work with your service department because that’s about a month in advance of when customers will actually start showing up looking for their maintenance benefits. We’ll train your service advisors and service department on how to look up customers in the system and perform the simple claims process. We’ll train the service department and the office department to be the sales department. Then, we’ll begin paying the office.

A Simple, Black-and-White Agreement

When you sign on with Performance Administration Corp., there’s just a simple, two-page dealer agreement; a transparent document that explains exactly what you’re going to pay us in a fixed administration fee, and how much money is being put into the reserve account for each of the policies. It highlights the fact that you’re entitled to 100% of that money. There’s a guarantee that this will work. If not, you get your money back.

If we can get step one done within 24 hours, we can have the whole plan up and running in two days. We do not require an up-front setup fee. It is that easy. We expect that the plan will start putting warm bodies into the service department in four or five months. And we’re there with you every step of the way.

You can call us any time and we’ll set up a webinar session or a training for new employees or those who need a refresher. Our continued customer service is always available. When you call during business hours, we always have a live person answering the phone. And, that live person is a customer retention specialist —they can actually answer your questions, they’re not just receptionists. Everybody on our front line is trained to take questions on how to use the system and make it work for you and your dealership.

Bottom line, we’re in this together. We all have to win together or you’re not going to stay long and we’re not going to stay interested long. It’s important to us that we get this kicked off properly. That your sales people, the office, the service department, and everybody else is involved and they all feel good about it because otherwise it will just deteriorate. Since we’re the facilitator, we have stakes in the game. Your success is our success.

Quick Overview:

  1. Educate: Attend a webinar to learn how auto dealers make money with a Complimentary Maintenance Program.
  2. Quote: Complete a quote to determine thebenefits and reimbursement rates you’d like to include on your plan.
  3. Approve: Reviewyour completed proposal and dealershipbrandedmarketing materials (available within 48 hours of completed quote).
  4. Agreement: If you decide to move forward with your program, we have a simple, 2-page, fully transparent agreement that highlights admin fees, reserve accounts and policies.
  5. Kick-Off and Sales Training: We’ll map out the strategy,develop a program kick-off dateandhold a training meeting with sales staff to ensure everyone knows the benefits and selling points of the plan.
  6. Service Training: One month prior to maintenance claims, we’ll set up training with your service departmentand office teams to show how to post claims and receive payments through our service management software program.
  7. On-Going Support: You can call us any time and we’ll set up a webinar session or a training for new employees or those who need a refresher. Our continued customer service is always available— andwe always have a live person answering the phone.