Fraud Protection — How a Claims Control System Saves Time and Money

The Watchdog of the Reserve Pool

One of the most important features of a Complimentary Maintenance Program is the claims control system.

A claims control system acts as the watchdog of the reserve pool, manages claims per customer, and doesn’t let you spend money you don’t have.

It also doesn’t let customers take advantage of the complimentary benefits your dealership is providing.

At Performance Administration Corp., our web based claims system:

  1. makes it easy for your service department to look up customers in real time to determine what service benefits have been used and what benefits are still available.
  2. is packed with features that put your dealership in control of customer retention.
  3. keepsyou informed offront- and back-end profitability.

You’re in Control

A Certified Maintenance™ Complimentary Maintenance Plan is not another off-the-shelf plan. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we provide custom dealer branded maintenance solutions for franchise dealerships that are flexible, affordable, and appealing. You determine how long you want to plan to last, the services you want to offer, how often you want to see your customers and more —we provide the rest.

Our system allows you the choice of where customers go for service —they can have the maintenance benefits performed at any store within your dealership group, OR you can make it so the benefits can only be performed at the issuing dealership.

We take the complexity out of the equation for your service advisors, allowing them to quickly and easily find customers and their maintenance records with our search tool. They can find customers by any of the following items: first name, last name, VIN 8, email address or DMS customer number.

Posting claims is a snap: simply check the radio button on the available claim, add in RO number, odometer miles, and RO amount, and click the green checkmark. Your claim is now in pending status where it is editable until paid out on the 15th and the last working day of each month.