5 Ways to Supercharge Sales Using Your Online Presence

A successful business needs a powerful online presence — and that doesn’t mean setting up a website and calling it a day. An effective online presence is a dynamic one that involves constant updates and engages with your customers.

Not sure where to begin? Check out these five online marketing tips that will get your dealership on the road to increased sales numbers.

1. Don’t Rely on a Canned Website…

Customers often get the sense that different auto dealership websites tend to look strangely the same. This is because dealers fall into the trap of using a pre-fabricated website. To move away from the pack, get away from the template and do something to customize your site. Use it as a platform to build your dealership’s brand and set yourself apart from the competition.

2. …And Update That Site Often

Customers will notice if they log onto your website and see an ad for a maintenance special that expired six months ago. It looks unprofessional and makes them wonder, “Hmmm… If they’re not taking care of things like their website, why should I assume they’re going to take care of my car if I bring it in?” Simply put: a stale website looks unprofessional.

Keep it up-to-date with the current promotions and sales at your dealership. You can also use it to let customers know about benefits they may be unaware of such as a free car wash or loaner car with their repair. Bringing customers in for complimentary maintenance or small repair items builds customer loyalty – which means they’ll come to you for their next car purchase.

3. Get Involved on Sites Like Yelp

Ratings sites like Yelp are another area where many businesses – auto dealerships included – tend to fall flat. The info on the site gets auto-populated by the information already available online, but that does not make a comprehensive Yelp page. Often, that information is wrong. Just as often, users leave reviews that go unacknowledged by the business in question.

Did you know you can claim your Yelp page and take control of the information there – posting photos and interacting with customers who post reviews?

That last bit makes some business owners nervous. What if customers leave negative reviews? It’s most important to reach out to unhappy customers, as your side of the story will otherwise go unheard. Responses on review sites are a great way to set the record straight, but more importantly – they’re a chance to make things right with a customer who feels that they’ve been wronged.

4. Engage with Customers on Social Media

Sixty-six percent of car buyers who have seen a Facebook ad say they’ve clicked on it. Let that sink in for a minute. While running ads on social media is a great marketing strategy, it’s also key that you have a living, breathing presence on social media.

This is because social media goes beyond the brand of the car to make your dealership your brand. If there are four Toyota dealerships in your city and a customer is already set on buying a Toyota, what will make them choose your dealership over the others? Given that 75 percent of car buyers do research online before making a purchase, a well-run social media account could send them through your doors.

Need some content ideas to share with your customer base? Download the Creative Content Ideas PDF for seven unique ways you can humanize your brand.