Maintenance Program — Customer Relationship Management

The Sales Dashboard

The MaintenanceProgramSales Dashboard is a customer relationship management tool to track and organize recent vehicle deliveries along with customer follow-up information so you can connect with customers after delivery and focus on building relationships that will drive customers back for service and repurchase.

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Sales Dashboard Tasks & Functionality

checkmarkBlue.png Follow-Up with Recent Deliveries
checkmarkBlue.png View Customer Service History
checkmarkBlue.png Manage Upcoming Service Appointments

Follow Up After Delivery

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The Sales Dashboard provides Follow-Up Call Screens that give you the opportunity to get customer feedback and save notes for future use and reference. You can customize these screens to ask customers if they’re happy with their purchase, to remind them of services included with their vehicle at your dealership or simply to let them know you value their loyalty and feedback.

View Customer Service History

Service History and Maintenance Claims on

Service history records are available for each customer purchase so you can quickly access the vehicle’s last service visit, add or redeem loyalty rewards and view available claims. You can also schedule service appointments, set service reminder preferences and see the customer status (new, expired or expiring soon).

View Projected Service Appointments

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Service appointments are recorded based on customer driving habits to project the amount of service traffic expected at your dealership. A generated list shows service due dates along with customer and vehicle information. Knowing when customers are due for service is crucial to retention, which is why the system automatically sends timely reminders to keep your dealership top-of-mind.